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Update - Accident Records 2011-2016
Saferparks is adding an updated set of accident reports from state and federal agencies, primarily for years 2011-2016.
The new data is still being entered and categorized, but this page provides access to the 2017 data set as a work-in-progress.

About the Saferparks Database

The Saferparks Database was launched in 2000 to help consumers, industry, and regulatory officials prevent amusement ride injuries by sharing safety information. This site provides free access to government accident data, including a query form that can be used to retrieve individual reports, and a variety of aggregated data summaries and graphs.

Saferparks is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works to prevent amusement ride accidents through research, information sharing, and effective public safety policy.

Data Sources

State, local,and federal safety agencies have provided public records of accidents involving amusement rides and devices regulated under their jurisdiction. The Saferparks Database has incorporated approximately 15,000 amusement ride accident reports from 30 agencies. Years covered, equipment types included, reporting criteria, and level of detail provided vary widely by jurisdiction. The bulk of the records (83%) come from just three states (NJ, CA, and TX) and primarily cover years 1999 through 2007.

Limitations of Saferparks Accident Data

The Saferparks Database is a collection of safety-related information from various sources and perspectives compiled into a centralized, searchable database. The aggregate data from the Saferparks Database provides insight into the causes and patterns of ride-related injury, but it does not represent a complete record of ride-related accidents and cannot be ethically used to compare or contrast the safety of different industry sectors, rides/devices, parks, carnivals, or states.