Accident Data

Update - Accident Records 2011-2016
Saferparks is adding an updated set of accident reports from state and federal agencies, primarily for years 2011-2016.
The new data is still being entered and categorized, but this page provides access to the 2017 data set as a work-in-progress.

By default, all records in the Saferparks Database are selected. Use the form fields below to narrow the search, then click Filter. Note that "Age" refers to the age of the youngest patron involved in the incident.
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ID Date State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
920315 15-Jun-2014 CA wild mouse Entrapment or pinch-point 8

8-yo boy mistook a staging stop for the final stop and started to exit the car. When the...

Degloving of skin on top of foot, torn tendons and fractures requiring in-patient hospitalization, skin grafts, and physical therapy.

918972 04-Feb-2009 FL Avalanche Ejection/fall from ride 17

17-yo female was ejected from the ride mid-cyle. She fell 20 feet, hitting a fence and then the...

Multiple broken ribs and bruised lung

919123 07-Nov-2008 CA Boomerang Unknown (not enough info) 19

Guest injured right hand while riding.

Injured hand. Treated at local hospital.

919095 31-Oct-2008 CA tea cups Illness or neurological symptoms 51

Guest stated when she sat down in the vehicle, prior to the ride starting, she experienced a...

Nosebleed. Treated at local hospital.

919094 28-Oct-2008 CA tea cups Illness or neurological symptoms 38

Guest stated she felt lightheaded and experienced high blood pressure after riding.

Dizziness, high blood pressure. Treated at local hospital.

917423 23-Oct-2008 CA carousel Entrapment or pinch-point 33

Guest was standing next to her child who was riding on the whale and her left foot was injured...

injured left foot

919071 18-Oct-2008 CA looping coaster Body pain (normal motion) 40

Guest complained of chest pain prior and after riding. Park claims history of chest pain.

Chest pain

919075 16-Oct-2008 CA dark ride Body pain (normal motion) 77

Guest complained of chest pain prior to and after riding. Park claims history of chest pain....

Chest pain. Treated at local hospital.

919125 14-Oct-2008 CA wooden coaster Body pain (normal motion) 21

Patron complained of low back pain.

Back pain. Treated at local hospital.

919087 13-Oct-2008 CA flying elephants Injured in queue or exit 35

Guest stated she fainted prior to loading. She is 23 weeks pregnant.

Fainted. Treated at local hospital.