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ID Datesort ascending State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1009800 26-Jul-2017 OH Afterburner/Fireball Equipment failure 18

One of the 4-person gondolas of a high g-force ride suddenly detached from the main part of the...

18yo male was killed. 7 other riders were transported to the hospital, some with critical injuries.

1001736 30-Jun-2017 OH flume ride Impact: hit something within ride vehicle 14

As ride was descending down the waterfall, the patron was holding on to the stabilizing bar....

Fractured arm

1005814 07-Jun-2017 PA go kart Entrapment or pinch-point 21

While driving one of the go-karts, and wearing a hair tie, a woman's hair got tangled in the...

Patron's hair and scalp were ripped off, leaving her skull exposed. Multiple surgeries were required to try to reshape her head. It's not yet known whether all the hair will regrow.

1004577 18-May-2017 WA giant gondola wheel Fall: ejection/fall from ride 7

Three people (47yo female, 59yo female, 7yo male) fell 30 feet from their carrier. Police were...

The 59yo was airlifted in critical condition with a head injury and multiple fractures. The other two were transported to a nearby hospital.

1002532 31-Mar-2017 TN trampoline court Awkward landing

Patron went to catch themselves from falling and injured their arm.

Arm injury

1000054 16-Mar-2017 AZ TC - obstacle game Unknown (not enough info)

Guest injured left shoulder

Shoulder injury

1002531 11-Mar-2017 TN trampoline court Flip gone wrong

Patron was attemping a back hand-spring and was being spotted by her friend. Patron's arms...

Fractured arm

1000074 14-Feb-2017 AZ TC - main court Unknown (not enough info)

No details provided

Fractured left leg

1002530 11-Feb-2017 TN TC - wall trampoline Impact with pad, divider or edge

Female patron jumped on a side wall trampoline and slid down onto padding. Refused medical...

Lower back injury

1002529 05-Feb-2017 TN TC - dodgeball Injury to leg, nonspecific cause

Running on dodgeball trampoline and stated his right ankle/foot was hurt.

Lower right leg injury