Accident Data by Device Type


Click the accident ID number to view details. Note that "Age" refers to the age of the youngest patron involved in the incident.

ID Datesort ascending State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury Dataset
1003274 29-May-2016 NJ Gravitron/Starship Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 33

Patron tripped and rolled his left ankle while walking down the staircase.

Ankle injury

2017 dataset
1003273 07-May-2016 NJ Gravitron/Starship Illness or neurological symptoms 9

When the ride ended patron had a hard time catching his breath. His father said they left his...

Asthma, transported to medical facility

2017 dataset
1001352 27-Aug-2015 MA Gravitron/Starship Impact: hit something within ride vehicle

Patron entered the ride and took the 2nd seat in, on the right side of the ride entrance. During...

Head injury

2017 dataset
1001276 06-Jul-2015 KY Gravitron/Starship Impact: hit something within ride vehicle 31

hit head

cuts on back of head

2017 dataset
1008989 03-Jul-2015 CA Gravitron/Starship Entrapment or pinch-point 32

Patron was riding and injured her ankle. She stated that the seat slammed down on her ankle.

Swelling and bruising to ankle

2017 dataset
1003104 22-May-2015 NJ Round Up Illness: Seizure or LOC 16

Patron was riding the round up- she became sick- witnesses said she passed out.

Loss of consciousness; EMT on location took vitals Blood pressure 118/76 Heart rate 110

2017 dataset
1005368 11-Sep-2014 OK Gravitron/Starship Impact: hit something within ride vehicle 46

Patron states that he was getting pushed up against the wall at the start of the ride and hit...

Head pain, 1" laceration across back of head.

2017 dataset
1003078 30-Jul-2014 NJ Gravitron/Starship Entrapment or pinch-point 7

At the end of the ride the seat landed on patron's foot.

Pinched foot

2017 dataset
1002939 18-May-2014 NJ Gravitron/Starship Fall: patron fell from seat, but not carrier 6

As the ride was running and building speed patron leaned forward and grabbed the center rail.  ...

Facial injuries

2017 dataset
1003117 11-Aug-2013 NJ Gravitron/Starship Unknown (not enough info) 11

The juvenile injured his ankle while riding on the ride in seat number 8. The ride operator...

Injuries not described. The juvenile was trasported to hospital for treatment of his injures.

2017 dataset