Accident Data by Device Type


Click the accident ID number to view details. Note that "Age" refers to the age of the youngest patron involved in the incident.

ID Datesort ascending State Tradename or generic Category Age Accident Description Injury Dataset
1004017 31-Aug-2014 TX Sidewinder Fall: ejection/fall from ride 13

Two teenagers were thrown from their carrier. As the gondola was coming down, the door opened...

13yo female sustained serious head and facial injuries and was hospitalized for a week. 13yo male sustained minor injuries.

2017 dataset
1003426 31-Aug-2014 TX Sidewinder Fall: ejection/fall from ride 13

Door opened and patron fell out, approximately 20 feet to the ground.

Two 13yo patrons were transported to hospital. Injuries not described.

2017 dataset
1000429 19-Jan-2014 FL Sidewinder Equipment failure 8

8 year old male patron was riding in a carrier when the revolving rod detached from it. There...

Lower back pain

2017 dataset
1001902 21-Jul-2012 PA Roll-O-Plane Impact: hit something within ride vehicle 16

Patron struck head on ride.

Pain in back of head and neck.

2017 dataset
1001820 05-Jul-2012 PA Roll-O-Plane Impact: hit by loose piece of attraction 5

Both safety reinforcement cables on the device failed. Falling cable struck a child while she...

Small laceration to back

2017 dataset
1002544 20-Aug-2011 WV Booster Impact: person hit by ride 25

Operator stepped in front of the ride while in motion, knocked him down and flipped him over....

hospitalized in critical condition with head injury, fractured nose, facial lacerations

2017 dataset
1001341 29-May-2011 MA Roll-O-Plane Equipment failure

Ride failed causing 3 patrons to become stuck 30 feet off the ground. A drive chain came off its...

Injury description redacted.

2017 dataset
912273 25-Jan-2006 FL Turbo Force Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 37

A 37 year old female tripped while climbing the stairs on the Turbo Force amusement ride....

Patron was transported to a local hospital where she was treated for a scratched knee and released.

Legacy dataset
912418 05-Aug-2005 IA Roll-O-Plane Fall: ejection/fall from ride 8

Ride door opened while in operation; operator failed to secure pin. Child hit head and lost...

Head injury

Legacy dataset
911503 10-Jul-2005 TX Booster Entrapment or pinch-point 24

Guard on inside of tub came down on foot.


Legacy dataset