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ID Date Statesort descending Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1000001 23-May-2014 AK Ejection seat Impact: hit by loose piece of attraction 20

An Elastic Ejection Element (3E) came loose due to a missing cotter pin, swinging the apparatus...

2 men (20 and 36) suffered abraisons to head, arms, back; leg pain

917196 17-Jun-2007 AR Trabant/Wipe Out Fall: ejection/fall from ride 11

11-yo boy ejected from the Wipe Out. The operator had not installed lap belts as required by...

Broken arm. Admitted to hospital.

917173 21-Nov-2007 AR Orbiter Entrapment or pinch-point 10

10-year-old boy's jacket or shirtsleeve became entangled in the machinery. The spinning action...

The child was ambulanced to a local hospital, then med-flighted to *** hospital. No information was provided on the injuries treated or the child's outcome.

1000003 05-May-2012 AR zipline Fall: in climb or play area 7

Fall.  Improper harness connection; uninspected non-compliant device.


1000002 08-Aug-2011 AR climbing wall Fall: in climb or play area

Fall. Improper harness connection by patron.


1000004 15-Feb-2013 AR inflatable bounce Fall: in climb or play area 3

Fall from inflatable device. Unsupervised Device.

Head trauma, hospitalized

917193 29-Jul-2006 AR Zig Zag Coaster Fall: ejection/fall from ride 45

Adult patron ejected from coaster during ride.

Patron was hospitalized and underwent surgery due to her injuries.

1000006 25-Jun-2014 AR go kart Impact: extremity hit something outside carrier

Patron failed to keep hands inside kart

Fracture, severe trauma to finger

917197 08-Apr-2007 AR Sizzler Fall: ejection/fall from ride 7

Mother and child were ejected from a Sizzler ride. The child was killed, the mother injured....

7-yo boy died from severe injuries to head. Mother was treated and released.

1000005 22-Apr-2013 AR inflatable slide Fall: in climb or play area

Fall from inflatable device. Unsupervised Device.