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ID Date Statesort descending Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1004003 19-Feb-2011 AZ inflatable joust Device tipped over, blew away, or collapsed 9

Two girls were playing in a rented inflatable device at a neighbor's birthday party. High winds...

9yo and 11yo girls suffered scrapes and bruises. 9yo had a concussion and was hospitalized overnight.

1004014 02-Feb-2012 AZ TC - foam pit Flip gone wrong 30

30yo male (200 lbs) visited a trampoline park during a charity event. He suffered spinal...

Death from blunt force cervical and thoracic spinal injuries.

898440 24-Jun-2001 CA Tilt-a-Whirl Fall: ejection/fall from ride 7

Child attempted to exit the ride before it came to a complete stop. Once out of his car, he...

Parents took child to hospital.

898434 20-Jun-2001 CA dark ride Illness or neurological symptoms 59

Guest felt weak while staning in line. After ride, she continued to feel weak.

Heart attack. Paramedics transported to *** Medical Center.

898437 22-Jun-2001 CA car ride Collision: patron-controlled vehicles 17

Guest was found disoriented. She said she was bumped from behind on ***.

Disorientation. Paramedics transported to *** Medical Center.

898441 24-Jun-2001 CA waterslide Collision: patrons collided (participatory) 42

Guest struck by another rider while coming down the slide.

Back pain. Transported to ER.

898438 22-Jun-2001 CA water play structure Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 7

Guest slipped while exiting slide and hit chin on side of flume.

Laceration on chin. Parents transported to ER for possible stitches.

898439 23-Jun-2001 CA giant gondola wheel Illness or neurological symptoms 47

After riding, guest got dizzy and sick and started vomiting.

Dizziness and vomiting. Treated at *** Medical Center.

898442 24-Jun-2001 CA tube slide Impact: hit something in participatory attraction 34

Guest was riding in a double tube and bumped her rear end halfway down the slide.

Treated at ER.

898443 25-Jun-2001 CA dark ride Impact: hit something within ride vehicle 27

Guest says the vehicle went side-to-side, injuring her wrist.

Wrist injury. No broken bones. Patron is taking a steroid medication.