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ID Date Statesort descending Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1002548 19-Oct-2013 WV inflatable obstacle course Flip gone wrong 13

Child attempted to flip down the slide and landed on his right lower leg.

Sprained leg

1002549 10-Jul-2013 WV tube slide Collision: patrons collided (participatory) 14

Patron's mother said her son was hit from behind by another (bigger) patron, causing him to flip...

Laceration to eyebrow, glued together in ER

1002550 01-Jun-2013 WV inflatable slide Entrapment or pinch-point

Adult patron (renter) who had been drinking was using a rental inflatable slide at a party. She...

Fractured ankle

1002551 23-Jan-2014 WV inflatable bounce Flip gone wrong 33

Patron landed on her neck while attempting a forward flip. She was on the device with 2 adult...

Compression fracture of the thorasic spine and herniated cervical disk requiring surgery

1002552 15-Jun-2014 WV body slide Collision: patrons collided (participatory) 43

Patron was going down slide and hit the bottom when her husband came out the bottom and collided...

Fractured right shoulder blade

1002553 15-May-2015 WV mechanical bull Impact: person hit by ride 15

Patron was riding the mechanical bull, holding on with both hands when the bull fell off of its...

Sprained leg

1004000 23-Jul-2011 WV Spider Equipment failure 14

Two teenagers were transported to the hospital with minor injuries when the ride failed. The...

2-3 patrons were transported to the hospital for unspecified minor injuries

1004008 31-May-2013 WY Power Tramp Fall: ejection/fall from ride 16

Ride malfunctioned causing a 16yo girl fell 20 feet to the ground. Patron was transported to the...

Multiple skull fractures, ruptured ear lobe.