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ID Date Statesort descending Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1000040 17-Oct-2014 AZ TC - main court Flip gone wrong

Patron performed a back flip and under-rotated, causing him to injure his back.

Back injury

1000012 24-Jul-2016 AZ air bag - trampoline Awkward landing

Patron landed on her right ankle at the stunt jump, injuring it.

Injured ankle

1000043 16-Nov-2014 AZ mechanical bull Unknown (not enough info)

No details provided

Unspecified injury

1000042 10-Jan-2015 AZ TC - main court Injury to leg, nonspecific cause

Patron was bouncing on her hands, then back on her knees, when her right knee was injured.

Injured right knee

1000038 21-Sep-2015 AZ air bag - trampoline Awkward landing

Patron landed incorrectly on her foot.

Injured foot

1000036 20-Dec-2016 AZ trampoline court Unknown (not enough info)

No details provided

Injured left arm

1000013 06-Nov-2016 AZ air bag - trampoline Awkward landing

Patron injured his lower left leg upon landing on the stunt jump. EMT splinted the leg, then...

Injured lower left leg

1000027 24-Feb-2015 AZ TC - main court Awkward landing 16

Patron landed on her back and experienced pain and numbness.

Back injury

1000023 14-Dec-2014 AZ TC - childs court Flip gone wrong 36

Patron did a flip in kids zone, landed on right ankle wrong.  Appears to be a dislocated or...

Ankle fracture or dislocation

1000033 11-Jun-2016 AZ TC - main court Impact with pad, divider or edge 12

Coming off the trampoline on main, patron's foot got caught under the padding, causing her left...

Injured left ankle