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ID Datesort ascending State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1004577 18-May-2017 WA giant gondola wheel Fall: ejection/fall from ride 7

Three people (47yo female, 59yo female, 7yo male) fell 30 feet from their carrier. Police were...

The 59yo was airlifted in critical condition with a head injury and multiple fractures. The other two were transported to a nearby hospital.

1004586 24-Oct-2016 WA train Derailment 2

Front car derailed. Owner/operator says they received a report that a guest or group of guests...

2yo female with possible abdominal trauma, 5yo male had bump on head

1004585 17-May-2016 WA inflatable bungee run Impact: hit by loose piece of attraction

Caribiner that attaches cord to anchor frame came off and the bungee retracted toward a student...

Head injury

1004584 21-Jun-2014 WA zipline Fall: patron fell from device (participatory)

Cable detached and woman fell about 10 feet.

Injuries not described, treated by paramedics and transported to the hospital.

1004583 21-Jun-2014 WA Circus Train Derailment

Last car/caboose tipped over with 6 passengers inside. A large gentleman was told to sit in the...

One child was transported to the hospital with a neck injury. Other patrons have scrapes and bruises.

1004582 22-Jun-2013 WA inflatable bounce Device tipped over, blew away, or collapsed

Bounce house deflated. Company states that generator got turned off. A 10yo child volunteered to...

Injuries not described

1004581 08-Sep-2012 WA Sizzler Load/Unload: scrape or stumble

Girl was getting out of the tub and caught her foot in the lap bar, snapped her ankle and fell...

Right ankle obviously broken, transported to the hospital

1004580 08-Sep-2012 WA go kart Collision: patron-controlled vehicles

Patron's kart was t-boned by another kart, driving her into the safety barrier. She hit the wall...

Patron transported to hospital

1004579 25-Oct-2011 WA Mardi Gras Impact with pad, divider or edge

A woman's hand was cut on the side of the ride by a piece of metal.

Laceration to hand

1004576 22-Sep-2011 WA steel sitdown coaster Equipment failure

A man lift was used to remove the 4 occupants from the vehicle. Appeared to be mechanical and to...

No injury