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ID Datesort ascending State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1008252 02-Feb-2017 CA bumper cars Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 36

Patron stated that even through she saw the "do not step" message on the tire, she had already...

Knee injury

1002528 20-Jan-2017 TN trampoline court Awkward landing

Patron was jumping and landed wrong on ankle.

Ankle injury

1000104 15-Jan-2017 CO TC - main court Double bounce 3

Child patron ran on the trampoline of an adult and was double bounced injuring her leg.

Patron sustained a leg fracture.

1000063 01-Jan-2017 AZ TC - main court Impact with pad, divider or edge

Patron was jumping on main court across the trampolines when she landed on the pad between the...

Injured left knee

1004446 31-Dec-2016 MN ferris wheel Fall: ejection/fall from ride

Allegedly, while wheel was stopped disembarking passengers; two young males in a passenger car...


1002491 31-Dec-2016 PA TC - main court Awkward landing 8

Patron was jumping on main court and rolled her ankle.

Facial injury

1002315 31-Dec-2016 PA bowl-type slide Hyperextension or dislocation 42

Patron was riding when he dislocated his shoulder.

Dislocated shoulder

1009757 30-Dec-2016 CA boat ride Collision: operator-controlled vehicles 21

Patron stated she experienced neck pain and migraines after riding the attraction from the...

Neck pain and migraine

1005020 30-Dec-2016 OK TC - main court Flip gone wrong 15

Patron was jumping and attempted to do a backflip. He did not make it all the way around and...

Fractured wrist

1002490 30-Dec-2016 PA TC - main court Flip gone wrong

While jumping on main court, patron completed a front flip and kneed himself in the mouth.

Facial injury