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ID Datesort ascending State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1005026 23-Nov-2016 OK TC - dodgeball Collision: patrons collided (participatory) 9

Playing dodgeball, two patrons went for the same ball and collided

Laceration to upper chest/neck and friction burn

1003834 23-Nov-2016 TX mega coaster Injured by foreign object 49

Was hit in the head by another guests cell phone

Laceration to head

1009734 22-Nov-2016 CA boat ride Impact: hit something within ride vehicle 49

Patron stated that while in the ride vehicle, he struck his head on the handrail located at the...

Head injury: pain and dizziness

1009733 22-Nov-2016 CA giant gondola wheel Illness or neurological symptoms 50

Patron stated that she felt nausea after riding the attraction. She rode in a swinging cabin....

Motion sickness

1002525 22-Nov-2016 TN trampoline court Flip gone wrong

Patron was attempting a flip, under-rotated and injured her back. EMTs were called. She was...

Back injury

1002321 22-Nov-2016 PA go kart Collision: patron-controlled vehicles 11

Patron braked at second heats. Kart 20 hit rear of kart 5. Kart 20 then went on top of kart 5,...

Head injury with swelling

1001058 22-Nov-2016 FL go kart Illness: Seizure or LOC 37

A 37 year old female patron suffered a seizure during the ride cycle. She was checked on site...


1000194 22-Nov-2016 FL go kart Collision: patron-controlled vehicles 9

A 9 year old female patron's kart was bumped from behind while entering the pit area. The patron...

Possible concussion

1009732 21-Nov-2016 CA racing slide Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 10

When patron reached the bottom of the slide, she stood up to walk out. She slipped on her mat,...

Chipped front teeth

1002480 21-Nov-2016 PA TC - basketball Injury to leg, nonspecific cause 35

Patron felt a pop in his right knee.

Knee injury