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ID Datesort ascending State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1009731 20-Nov-2016 CA boat ride Illness or neurological symptoms 4

Grandmother stated that the child started to vomit in the evening after being squirted with...


1002479 20-Nov-2016 PA TC - main court Injury to leg, nonspecific cause

Patron popped his left kne while jumping.

Knee injury

1002404 20-Nov-2016 PA TC - main court Awkward landing 18

While jumping, patron landed on back and injured it. Walked off the court ok, but was feeling...

Back injury

1002181 20-Nov-2016 PA TC - platform jump Awkward landing 13

Patron jumped off platform onto a mat, jamming and rolling her ankle.

Ankle injury

1000041 19-Nov-2016 AZ trampoline court Illness or neurological symptoms

Guest in state of panic

Panic attack

1009730 18-Nov-2016 CA rafting ride Impact: hit something within ride vehicle

Patron stated she hit her head while on the ride.

Head injury

1009729 18-Nov-2016 CA motion simulator Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 9

Father states that his son was trying to buckle himself in while wearing 3D glasses. He struck...

Laceration to eye

1005191 18-Nov-2016 OK go kart Collision: patron-controlled vehicles

Child stepped between car and curb when exiting go kart, then another kart hit the rear.

Bruises (no further description).

1002478 18-Nov-2016 PA TC - main court Injury to leg, nonspecific cause 23

While jumping on main court, the patron heard her left knee pop.

Knee injury

1000891 18-Nov-2016 FL play structure Impact: hit something in participatory attraction 21

A 21 year old female patron came down the triple slide portion of the attraction and rolled her...

Fractured ankle