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ID Datesort ascending State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1002245 30-Dec-2016 PA inflatable slide Entrapment or pinch-point 9

Child hurt ankle on slide. Slide cover was temporarily repaired. Slide covers have been ordered...

Ankle injury

1002527 29-Dec-2016 TN trampoline court Awkward landing

Patron jumped onto trampoline and injured leg. Jumping alone.

Lower leg injury

1002194 29-Dec-2016 PA TC - wall trampoline Awkward landing 24

Patron jumped off vertical wall and landed wrong.


1001670 29-Dec-2016 NH zipline Equipment failure 63

Seatbelt malfunctioned at the end of the ride cycle

Bruise/contusion upper legs and wrist.

1000902 29-Dec-2016 FL tube slide Impact: hit something in participatory attraction 30

A 30 year old female impacted a section of the foam divider with her right pinky toe during...

Fractured toe

1009756 28-Dec-2016 CA 4th dimension coaster Illness or neurological symptoms 16

While getting on the ride, patron got scared and had a panic attack. She never actually rode the...

Panic attack, hyperventilating, lost consciousness during transport to first aid.

1002314 28-Dec-2016 PA Aqua Tumbler Impact: hit something in participatory attraction 10

Patron was riding when she hit [illegible] off of her knee.

Knee injury

1009755 27-Dec-2016 CA dark ride Illness or neurological symptoms 25

Patron pulled emergency cord alerting driver of emergency situation. Tram was pulled out of the...

Shortness of breath, elevated heart rate.

1009754 27-Dec-2016 CA Robocoaster Impact: hit something within ride vehicle 12

Patron woke up in the morning with pain, swelling and redness of left ear. Rode the attraction...

Bleeding to ear

1009753 27-Dec-2016 CA steel sitdown coaster Illness: Seizure or LOC 18

Patron stated she turned to look at her boyfriend while riding and passed out.

Lost consciousness. Paramedics transported her to hospital.