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ID Datesort ascending State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1000271 26-Dec-2016 FL go kart Collision: patron-controlled vehicles 13

A 13 year old male patron was injured after another kart operator bumped a kart causing it to...

Bruised hand

1009752 25-Dec-2016 CA Robocoaster Illness: Seizure or LOC 53

Patron returned to unload with her eyes closed and head down. She assisted from the vehicle,...

Possible seizure, severe motion sickness

1009207 24-Dec-2016 CA suspended coaster Body pain (normal motion) 46

Patron complained of neck pain after exiting. She said it was caused by moving from side to side...

Neck pain

1009751 23-Dec-2016 CA family raft Collision: patrons collided within vehicle 46

Patron stated after his raft entered the catch pool, the wave from impact caused his body to...

Head injury

1005218 23-Dec-2016 OK inflatable bounce Collision: patrons collided (participatory) 5

Patron was hit in the face by another child.

Bloody nose

1002526 23-Dec-2016 TN trampoline court Awkward landing

Patron jumped onto a trampoline and landed on their knees instead of feet.

Knee pain, went to hospital

1002487 23-Dec-2016 PA TC - main court Injury to leg, nonspecific cause 5

While jumping on main court, patron hurt his left knee.

Knee injury

1002190 23-Dec-2016 PA TC - main court Double bounce 6

Patron's sister double-bounced her.


1002189 23-Dec-2016 PA TC - dodgeball Collision: patrons collided (participatory) 8

Patron bumped head with another jumper

Head injury

1009750 22-Dec-2016 CA motion simulator Restraint too tight 53

Patron boarded the ride vehicle on her own accord after exiting her personal scooter. The lap...

Pain to abdomen at site of recent surgery