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ID Datesort ascending State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1009749 22-Dec-2016 CA boat ride Impact: hit something within ride vehicle 7

Patron stated he slid forward in his seat on the first drop and struck his mouth on the back of...

Mouth injury

1000392 22-Dec-2016 FL carousel Entrapment or pinch-point 9

A nine year old female patron received an injury to her ankle when during the ride cycle she...

Bruising to feet

1002108 21-Dec-2016 PA play structure Impact: hit something in participatory attraction 6

Patron's finger jammed coming down slide.

Jammed finger

1005019 20-Dec-2016 OK TC - main court Flip gone wrong 10

Patron was doing a flip and landed wrong, rolling and twisting his knee. One report states it...

Knee injury

1000036 20-Dec-2016 AZ trampoline court Unknown (not enough info)

No details provided

Injured left arm

1009748 19-Dec-2016 CA zipline Illness or neurological symptoms 63

After completing her zipline tour and exiting, the patron started to experience chest pain that...

Chest pain, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure

1009747 19-Dec-2016 CA looping coaster Body pain (normal motion) 47

Patron reported that she was dizzy and had neck pain after riding.

Dizziness, neck pain

1005027 19-Dec-2016 OK TC - dodgeball Load/Unload: scrape or stumble 12

Walking onto trampoline and slipped.

Knee pain

1002188 19-Dec-2016 PA TC - dodgeball Awkward landing 16

Patron rolled her ankle.

Ankle injury

1002486 18-Dec-2016 PA TC - main court Flip gone wrong 12

Patron tried to perform a front flip, but landed on his left ankle badly.

Ankle injury