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ID Datesort ascending State Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1002253 18-Dec-2016 PA water play structure Impact: hit something in participatory attraction 5

Patron said she hit her chin while riding the blue slide.

4cm laceration at the bottom of her chin

1002187 18-Dec-2016 PA TC - dodgeball Awkward landing 13

Patron lost balance and landed wrong on right wrist.

Wrist injury

1000955 18-Dec-2016 FL water ski tow Impact: hit something in participatory attraction 30

A 30 year old male patron received an injury to his wrist after he lost his balance while...

Fractured wrist

1003835 17-Dec-2016 TX mega coaster Impact: hit something within ride vehicle 17

ride came to a stop, guest went forward hitting head on seat in front of him

Contusion to head

1002322 17-Dec-2016 PA waterslide Unknown (not enough info) 8


Unspecified injury; patron admitted to hospital

1002186 16-Dec-2016 PA TC - main court Flip gone wrong 14

Patron did a front flip and landed wrong on her left foot.

Foot / ankle injury

1002185 16-Dec-2016 PA TC - foam pit Impact: hit something in participatory attraction 9

Patron was in foam pit and his older brother was spinning the ladder, causing a step to hit him...

Head laceration

1009746 15-Dec-2016 CA flume ride Injured during evacuation

During the ride evacuation, the guest was walking as instructed by the ride employee. When she...

Injuries not described.

1002184 15-Dec-2016 PA TC - main court Awkward landing 4

Patron was bouncing and twisted his ankle.

Ankle injury

1009745 12-Dec-2016 CA Tornado waterslide Fall: patron fell off inner tube, mat or board 13

Patron was riding with family and friends. Toward the end of the ride on the last corner inside...

Injury to nose