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ID Date Statesort descending Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
1000035 18-Aug-2015 AZ TC - dodgeball Collision: patrons collided (participatory) 15

Patron was running to get the ball and got kneed in the face by opponent.

Injury to face, black eye, dizziness, nausea

1000026 18-Mar-2015 AZ TC - foam pit Impact with pad, divider or edge 38

Patron jumped into the foam pit and caught her right foot on the red pad.

Ankle fracture or dislocation

1000079 21-Sep-2014 AZ TC - main court Flip gone wrong 11

Patron was attempting a back flip and landed on her neck.

Neck injury

1000082 18-Apr-2015 AZ trampoline court Flip gone wrong 4

4-yo attempted a front flip and landed on his head.

Head injury, LOC

1000072 07-Aug-2016 AZ trampoline court Illness: Seizure or LOC

Patron fainted.  EMT checked her vital signs and found nothing seriously wrong.

Loss of consciousness

1000010 31-Jul-2016 AZ TC - basketball Awkward landing

Patron was dunking at basketball and landed on his left arm, causing dislocation.

Dislocated elbow

1000011 18-Apr-2015 AZ TC - main court Awkward landing

Patron landed incorrectly on his arm, causing deformity and immediate pain.

Fractured arm

1000019 24-Dec-2014 AZ TC - main court Double bounce 8

Patron stepped too close to her sister and twisted her knee.

Knee injury

1000025 21-Jun-2015 AZ TC - dodgeball Impact with pad, divider or edge 19

Patron was jumping and landed on a pad.  Complained of severe pain in his lower back.

Back injury

1000058 23-Apr-2016 AZ TC - main court Flip gone wrong

Patron attempted a front flip and injured her ankle.

Injured ankle