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ID Date Statesort ascending Ride or Device Category Age Accident Description Injury
909303 18-Jun-2001 WI go kart Unknown (not enough info)

Neck pain

Neck pain

909304 29-Aug-2001 WI fun house Unknown (not enough info) 5

Bruised arm

Bruised arm

911870 31-Jul-2005 WI dry slide Burn (includes friction burn)

While riding down slide, patron's calves rubbed against slide lane.

friction burn to outside of both calves.

911883 12-Aug-2005 WI Sky Glider Equipment failure

Hydraulic hose leaking lost pressure to the pump. Ride automatically shut down. Riders were...

911887 29-Jul-2005 WI dry slide Burn (includes friction burn)

Patron fell out of bag while sliding down and bumped her head on lane median.

Friction burn to left shoulder, wrist & knee. Bruise above left eye.

916746 29-Aug-2006 WI dry slide Burn (includes friction burn)

Patron rubbed backs of both hands against slide lane while sliding down slide.

Friction burn to hands

911878 20-Jun-2005 WI dry slide Fall: in climb or play area

Patron was walking with his burlap sack to the entrance of the stairway. He tripped over the...

Scrape to right elbow and stomach.

909286 24-Jul-2001 WI waterslide Impact: hit something in participatory attraction

Abrasion to head

Abrasion to head

909307 14-Jul-2001 WI kiddie ferris wheel Unknown (not enough info)

Laceration to finger

Laceration to finger

909284 25-Aug-2001 WI carousel Fall: patron fell from seat, but not carrier 4

possible fall

Laceration to head