Accident categories

This page lists the Accident Categories defined by Saferparks and applied to the accident report records. Click on the accident category to learn more.

Part of ride cycle: load/unload/queue
Category Description
Injured during evacuation

Person injured during an evacuation of the ride

Injured in queue or exit

Accidents that happened while waiting to ride or exiting the ride area.

Load/Unload: hit or pinched by restraint

Patron was hit by or pinched by restraint during load or unload.

Load/Unload: injured when vehicle moved

Movement of vehicle during load/unload resulted in patron injury. This may be due to operator dispatch error, patron error, or a consequence of the ride's design.

Load/Unload: scrape or stumble

Patron stumbled, tripped or scraped themselves getting into or out of the ride.

Part of ride cycle: during ride
Category Description
Abrupt stop/drop/lurch

Injuries associated with an abrupt stop, drop, or lurch not described in the report as an e-stop, power outage or equipment malfunction.

Awkward landing

Awkward landing resulting in ankle roll, twisted knee, etc.

Cart flipped

Go-kart flipped.

Choking, water inhalation, suffocation

Drowning, near-drowning, choking, smothering, etc.

Collision: go-kart crashed (no further description)

Accident described as crash without specifying whether the vehicle collided with another kart, hit a stationary object, or flipped.

Collision: go-kart or bumper car hit stationary object

Go-kart, bumper car, or other patron-controlled vehicle hit a wall, gate, or other part of the track.

Collision: operator-controlled vehicles

Accidents caused by collisions involving ride vehicles that are not patron-directed (i.e., this includes coasters, log flumes, etc., but not go karts, bumper cars, etc.).

Collision: patron-controlled vehicles

Accidents caused by patron-directed vehicles (go karts, bumper cars) colliding with other vehicles.

Collision: patrons collided (participatory)

Accidents caused when patrons collide with each other on an interactive attraction (slide, play area, etc.).

Collision: patrons collided within vehicle

Patrons in same vehicle accidentally knocked into each other during ride.


Roller coaster, train, or other ride derailed from track.

Device tipped over, blew away, or collapsed

Amusement device (inflatable or portable ride) blew away, tipped over, etc.

Double bounce

Trampoline court injury caused by two or more patrons jumping next to each other

Fall: ejection/fall from ride

Accidents caused by patron being forcefully ejected or falling out of the vehicle during the ride cycle. This does not include falls during load/unload.

Fall: in climb or play area

Accidents involving a fall in an interactive play area (slide, climbing structure, wet play area, etc.).

Fall: patron fell from device (participatory)

Fell out of the amusement device (e.g., inflatable)

Fall: patron fell from seat, but not carrier

Patron fell out of the seat, but did not fall completely out of the carrier, either because the ride has enclosed carriers or the patron fell onto the floor of the carrier and the ride's motion did not further dislodge him/her.

Fall: patron fell off inner tube, mat or board

Water attraction injury caused by patron falling out of the inner tube, raft, or mat used to transport the rider down the slide.

Flip gone wrong

Patron was injured while attempted a flip (allowed in trampoline courts)

Hyperextension or dislocation

Patron's joint hyperextended or dislocated during ride cycle.

Impact with pad, divider or edge

Patron hit or tripped on parts of the equipment surrounding trampoline or pit

Impact: extremity hit something outside carrier

Injuries resulting from patron's hands, feet, arms, legs, or head impacting something or becoming pinched/entrapped outside the carrier during the active part of the ride cycle. This includes entrapment while the vehicle is docking, but does not include entrapment while patron is entering or exiting the vehicle (i.e., misstepping into the gap between the vehicle and platform).

Impact: hit something in participatory attraction

Injuries resulting from patron's body impacting or scraping against part of a participatory amusement device, such as a slide or inflatable, due to the normal motion of the amusement experience. This category does not include patrons colliding with other patrons on on these devices.

Impact: hit something within ride vehicle

Patron was injured during the active portion of the ride cycle due to impact with restraint, seatback, or some other part of the vehicle containment system.

Impact: hit wall or barrier at end of slide runout

Patron fell from a waterslide or other patron participation attraction where ride dynamics may cause riders to overshoot the catchpool or landing area.

Impact: vaginal or rectal injury

Patron complained of vaginal or rectal injury (e.g., after sliding down waterslide).

Injury to leg, nonspecific cause

Injury commonly associated with jumping (knee buckled, ankle rolled)

Restraint too tight

Patron suffered pain or injury due to pressure of restraint during ride.

Seatbelt abrasion or bruising

Seatbelt caused abrasion, bruising, or laceration to patron during the ride.

Unscheduled stop

Atypical ride stop due to e-stop, equipment failure, power failure, or other unusual event. May or may not result in evacuation.

Part of ride cycle: either
Category Description
Burn (includes friction burn)

Patron injuries caused by thermal burn, friction burn (most commonly from slides), chemical burn or other.

Electrical shock

Victim suffered electrical shock.

Employee injured

Park or carnival employee injured or killed while working on ride

Entrapment or pinch-point

Accidents, other than restraint pinching during load/unload or extremity caught outside carrier during ride, where patron's body part became caught in or against part of the equipment. This includes such things as hair or clothing entrapment, fingers caught in exit gate or moving parts in a funhouse, misstepping into gap between vehicle and platform during load/unload, and foot/hand entangled in climbing nets.

Environmental issue

Accident resulting from unusual event external to ride or operator (e.g., weather event, tree falling on track).

Equipment failure

Any accident where equipment failure contributed significantly to the injury and the event did not fit into any other category.
Note: Equipment problems may also cause or contribute to accidents in other categories. If the regulatory report indicates that equipment problems occurred, a flag will be set for the accident, independent of the catetory. For example, an accident my be categorized as an Unscheduled Stop and also have the Equipment Failure flag set.

Impact: hit by loose piece of attraction

Person hit by piece that came loose from a ride

Impact: overcome by attraction water splash

Person injured after water splash attraction feature

Impact: person hit by ride

Accidents caused by collision between person and ride vehicle.

Injured by foreign object

Patron injured by foreign object (e.g., something flew in the patron's eye, dropped on the patron during the ride, etc.).


Accidents caused by something that does not fit into any of the other categories.

Unknown (not enough info)

The regulatory record did not include a description of the accident, or the description did not provide enough detail to allow the accident to be categorized.

Part of ride cycle: pain/illness
Category Description
Body pain (normal motion)

Pain reported by the patron to have occurred during a normal ride cycle. This includes complaints of pain starting at a specific point on the ride, or onset of pain shortly thereafter which the patron believes to be caused by the ride. Nonspecific reports, such as jostled by the ride may also logged under this category.

Illness or neurological symptoms

Incidents that appear to be related to illness or neurological trauma (e.g., dizziness, nausea/vomiting, headache, numbness, vision or hearing disturbances, asthma, heart attack). Seizures and loss of consciousness are not included here; they have their own category.

Illness: Seizure or LOC

Patron suffered seizure or lost consciousness, either on ride or shortly after riding.