Device types

This page lists the possible values for Device Type as defined by Saferparks and applied to the accident report records. Click on the device type name for more information.

Industry sector: amusement ride
Device category Device type Description
coaster Coaster - family/kiddie

Coasters intended for use by young children. In general, small children may ride without adult supervision on kiddie coasters, but should ride with a responsible adult on family coasters. See posted rules and restrictions on each ride.

coaster Coaster - steel

Steel coaster larger than kiddie coaster

coaster Coaster - wooden

A roller coaster with laminated steel running rails overlaid upon a wooden track.

coaster Coaster - unidentified

Ride identified only as a roller coaster without name or description

spinning Carousel

A carousel or merry-go-round is an amusement ride consisting of a rotating platform with seats for passengers. The seats are traditionally in the form of wooden horses or animals, which are often moved mechanically up and down to simulate galloping, to the accompaniment of looped circus music.

spinning Claw-type

A group of rides that look something like a giant claw with seats. The claw is attached to an arm that elevates and turns the claw. The rides are highly dynamic and intended for adults and older children.

spinning Enterprise

Up to two people sit in one of 20 gondolas arranged in a circle, one in front of the other. The ride moves counter clockwise, dispelling a slight amount of centrifugal force. A hydraulically-powered arm underneath the ride then raises and tilts the frame so that the ride is rotating at 87 degrees from the horizontal, transforming the ride from a horizontal experience to a vertical one.

spinning Ferris/gondola wheel

A Ferris wheel (also known as an observation wheel or big wheel) consists of an upright wheel with passenger gondolas attached to the rim.

spinning Flipping platform

Top Spin and similar rides consist of a passenger platform suspended between two counterweighted arms. The arms are turned by motors, while the platform generally only has brakes that are engaged and disengaged at various points of the ride cycle. A typical top spin program runs the main arm motors while engaging and disengaging the platform brakes so that it will rotate in exciting ways.

spinning Hanglider ride

Circular amusement ride that simulates a hang-gliding experience. Riders lie flat on their stomaches in harnesses suspended from a circular boom. The ride starts off by the boom lifting a few feet of the ground. The boom then will start to spin and lift the boom holding gondolas, sending passengers on a swaying fly through the air.

spinning Himalaya-type

The ride features a number of 3-passenger cars connected in a circle. These cars rotate on a track with alternating sloped and flat sections. Rotation is possible in both a backwards and forwards direction, as the ride is manually operated. The riders in each car are restrained by a single solid lap bar that is locked across the body of the car; making the ride unsuitable for young children or people of short stature. The bar must be manually locked or unlocked, and only locks in one position. Lights and music contribute heavily to the ride experience.

spinning Looper

Tubs at the end of revolving arms can be spun in circles by patrons.

spinning Orbiter/octopus-type

A circular ride where arms attached to a central axis spin and move up and down. In some designs, the cars at the end of each arm also rotate about a secondary axis.

spinning Paratrooper-type

A circular ride where cars are suspended below a wheel which rotates at an oblique angle. The cars are free to rock sideways and swing out under centrifugal force as the wheel rotates.

spinning Plane/jet/helicopter

Mini jet type ride, intended primarily for young children, with cars on arms that go up and down while the ride revolves in a circle.

spinning Robotic ride

Human-carrying industrial robots spin riders in various ways.

spinning Roll-o-plane/booster/speed

These rides consist of a long arm connected at its midpoint to a tower support. cars are mounted at the end of each arm. The arm rotates about the central axis, and the cars at the ends of the arms rotate about their axis.

spinning Rotor/gravitron

These are circular rides with a single large carrier that rotates at high RPMs. Riders stand facing the center and are pressed against the wall as the rate of rotation increases. On some versions, the floor is retracted once the ride has attained full speed, leaving the riders stuck to the wall of the drum. The Gravitron is completely enclosed version on the same theme.

spinning Roundabout

Flat circular kiddie ride where cars spin relatively slowly around a center hub.

spinning Sizzler/scrambler

Riders are seated in small carriages clustered together and connected by beams at the top to a central point. The clustered vehicles are spun in one direction, while the ride as a whole spins in the opposite direction. Riders experience the illusion that they will crash into other suspended, spinning cars.

spinning Spinning cups/tubs

Typically, each set of four teacup vehicles has a circular floor or a motor capable of turning 360 degrees. The circular floor or motor sits within a larger, turntable-like floor. When in operation, the ride spins each four-cup set of vehicles while the turntable spins the entire ride base. Additionally, riders generally are able to spin each cup individually with a centrally located wheel. Some kiddie versions have semi-enclosed cars.

spinning Spinning ride - misc.

Rides that have a circular motion and either do not fall into one of the other categories, or are not described with enough detail to determine the type of spinning ride.

spinning Spinning tower ride

A tall, circular ride with arms extending vertically from a central tower. The arms rotate about the central tower while moving upward, then down. One or more cars are located on the end of each arm. Either the set of cars spin in the vertical plane or the single car can be spun by the rider.

spinning Spinning track ride

Riders sit on a circular platform with outward-facing seats and rock back and forth while spinning.

spinning Swing ride

Patrons sit in swings that are spun in a circle, belling out as the speed increases. These rides range from kiddie/family versions to taller/larger/faster models.

spinning Tilt-a-whirl/waltzer

A platform-type ride, consisting of freely-spinning cars that hold four riders each, which are attached at fixed pivot points on a rotating platform. As the platform revolves, parts of the platform are raised and lowered, and the resulting centrifugal and gravitational forces on the cars cause them to randomly spin in different directions and at variable speeds. The weight of passengers in these cars may intensify or dampen the spinning motion of the cars, adding to the random nature of the motion.

spinning Tornado-type

Riders sit in cars that hang from a circular support. The center base spins all the cars and, additionally, each car can be spun by the riders. In some versions, the ride tilts at a 20 degree angle, moving the cars up and down.

spinning Trabant

Flat rides that spin horizontally, and then start fluctuating in a wavelike manner. During the duration of the ride, the ride will change speeds. When the ride is fluctuating in its wavelike manner, the person will feel like the ride is not going that fast. However, when the ride is almost over, the person will feel forces on their body, and get pushed toward the outside of the cars. This happens when the ride starts lowering to the ground in a non-wavelike manner.

spinning Wheel w/spinning cars

Rides that consist of a large circular or oblong wheel with carriers that travel around the perimeter. Each carrier can spin about its own axis as well (either pitch or yaw). Some of these wheels operate in a fixed vertical plane. Some are positioned horizontally or vertically during load/unload and then tilted at an angle during the ride cycle.

spinning Whip

A flat ride with cars that travel on an oblong track. When the car reaches one of the turn-tabel platforms at the endpoints, the speed picks up forcing riders to one side as the car whips around the corner. The whip is commonly found at older, historic parks. A children's version was also built, dubbed the roto-whip.

pendulum Flying carpet ride

Amusement rides that have two small arms attached to a gondola where riders sit in rows. The ride will swing in constant motion to the right, and then later in the duration of the ride it will swing to the left. The gondola remains horizontal during the course of the ride.

pendulum Giant swing

Riders, singly or in groups, are harnessed in, then sent swinging through an arc until brought to a rest. Towers can range from 100-300 feet in height.

pendulum Kamikaze/inverter-type

Pendulum ride where riders sit in rows while the gondola swings back and forth like a pendulum, eventually completing the full circle. In some designs, the gondola also flips upside down.

pendulum Pirate ship

Pendulum ride with boat-style gondola where riders sit in rows. The gondola swings back and forth like a pendulum, but does not invert.

pendulum Reverse bungee

Amusement device that uses bungee cables or other technology to catapult patrons into the air and control their flight envelope.

pendulum Spinning pendulum

A pendulum is suspended between two support frames. Attached to the base of this pendulum in a circular gondola where riders are seated. When the ride cycle starts, the gondola begins to rotate. In addition, the pendulum arm begins to swing through an arc.

vertical drop Bungee jump

Attraction that uses bungy cords or similar equipment to arrest vertical motion.

vertical drop Drop tower

Amusement rides based around a central structure or tower. With most drop towers, the gondola is lifted to the top of a large vertical structure, before being released and falling towards the ground. Brakes activate to slow the ride prior to reaching the ground. Some designs expand on this concept, with gondalas that rotate or 'bounce' riders several times before coming to a rest.

cars & track rides Bumper car

This participatory ride consists of many small electric cars which draw power from the floor and/or ceiling, and which are turned off by the operator at the end of a session. The metal floor is usually set up as a rectangular or oval track. A rubber bumper surrounds each vehicle and drivers ram each other as they travel. The controls are usually an accelerator and a steering wheel.

cars & track rides Car ride

Slow car rides where car or trucks travel on a track, generally with patron controlling the accelerator.

cars & track rides Track ride

Ride travels on track; can be slow and meandering or fast, including 360-degree vertical loops.

cars & track rides Train/tram

Trains and trams ranging from tiny kiddie trains to full-size monorails and railroad models used in theme parks.

water ride Boat ride

Amusement rides that float on water and are not included in more specific water ride categories. They can range from tiny kiddie boat rides to themed dark boat rides to large sailing ships at theme parks.

water ride Bumper boat

Inner tube-based watercraft that can be steered by the rider. Some are driven by electric motors, some by gasoline engines, and some require the rider to propel the craft by pedaling. Most are equipped with water guns for duels with other riders.

water ride Flume ride

These rides consist of a water flume and artificial hollow logs or boats. Passengers sit in the watercraft, which are propelled along the flume by the flow of water. The ride usually culminates with a rapid descent and splashdown into a body of water, and often more than one (normally the largest drop being just before the end).

water ride Rafting ride

River rapids rides feature circular rafts comprised of two main components: the fiberglass body in which passengers are seated and the rubber ring upon which the body is secured. The rubber ring provides buoyancy as well as shock absorption for when rafts collide with an obstacle during the course of the ride. After leaving the station, the raft will enter relatively calm waters. After travelling a safe distance, the raft will enter more turbulent waters.

water ride Shoot the chute

Similar to a log flume, but with steeper drop and larger boats. The chutes ride consists of a boat that slides down a long chute and splashes into a lake or large pool. Observers can get wet as the boat splashown sends up a water plume.

other attraction Non-motorized spinners

An amusement device that is designed to be spun without a motor, either by the operator's effort or the rider's effort.

other attraction Simulator

Amusement devices that use computer-controlled movement and visual/auditory effects to simulate experiences such as space or airplane flight.

other attraction Sky ride/ski lift

A type of aerial lift which consists of a continuously circulating steel cable loop strung between two end terminals and usually over intermediate towers, carrying a series of chairs.

other attraction Walk-through

Carnival funhouses, walk-through haunted houses, and mazes.

Industry sector: water park
Device category Device type Description
water slide Body slide

Riders slide directly on the surface of the waterslide without tubes or mats.

water slide Bowl slide

Riders descend a steep drop into a round bowl, then circle the outer area of the bowl before exiting through the middle.

water slide Family raft slide

4-6 riders board a circular raft and travel down a long, twisted channel.

water slide Funnel

Riders sit in a 2-6 seater round tube, then drop from inside a tunnel into a big sideways funnel and into a splash pool.

water slide Gang slide

Short wide slide that can be used by multiple children at the same time.

water slide Half pipe

Features a slide in which riders oscillate back and forth.

water slide Mat slide

Riders slide on mats head-first down lanes in a slide with several dips.

water slide Speed slide

Body slide where riders are sent down steep, free-fall plunges to the ground.

water slide Tube slide

Riders sit on inner tubes as they descend the slide.

water slide Water coaster

Water slide that mimics a roller coaster by providing ascents as well as descents.

water slide Water slide - undefined

Water slides without sufficient information to categorize further.

aquatic play Aquatic play area

Interactive water play attractions not covered under water slides and wave pools, including small kiddie pools and cliff jumps.

float attraction Lazy river

Slow meandering water attraction generally used with inner tubes.

water inflatable Water inflatable

Captured air inflatables intended for use in bodies of water

wave device Continuous wave

Machine generates a continuous wave and patrons use body boards to ride it.

wave device Wave pool

Any kind of water attraction with a wave-generating machine.

Industry sector: recreation
Device category Device type Description
go-kart Go-kart

Simple, small four-wheeled vehicles that are made available for the general public to drive and/or race on tracks. Go-karts may be gas-powered or electric.

inflatable Inflatable bouncer

Amusement device designed to allow children to jump and bounce on air-inflated surfaces.

inflatable Inflatable game

Any air-supported structure used as an amusement device that doesn't fit into one of the more specific categories.

inflatable Inflatable obstacle course

Air-supported structure designed to be used as an obstacle course.

inflatable Inflatable slide

Air-supported structure designed to be used as a giant slide.

inflatable Air bag

Stunt bag-style inflatable impact attenuation system

trampoline Bungee trampoline

Amusement device that incorporates bungee cords to assist and contain patron while jumping on a trampoline

trampoline Trampoline court

Trampoline incorporated into an amusement venue

play equipment gymnastics equipment

Gymnastics equipment used in amusement facility

play equipment Play structure

Net climbs, soft play, and other play areas intended primarily for young children.

play equipment Slide

Tall dry slide used in carnivals, etc. Patrons generally slide on a burlap sack or other material.

alpine activity Alpine gravity course

Amusement attraction typically installed at an alpine resort

alpine activity Snow tubing/toboggan

Winter recreation courses devoted solely to tubing or toboggans. Such courses often have slopes or barriers on the periphery to guide the tubes along a safe course. Motorized pulley towlines are often used to tow riders and their equipment back to the top of the course after riding to the bottom.

challenge activity Adventure course

Zipline, Tough Mudder, Via Ferrata, etc.

challenge activity Climbing wall

Solid or inflatable rock climbing walls.

challenge activity Freefall

Patron is lifted up to high platform in a cage, then the patron freefalls into a net or airbag

challenge activity Indoor skydiving

Indoor skydiving interactive amusement attraction.

challenge activity Water ski tow

Concession water ski park with mechanized tows.

challenge activity Human-powered ball

Large inflated ball where patron gets inside and moves/rolls ball

challenge activity Mechanical bull-type

A machine-operated ride that replicates the sensation of riding a bull or a surfboard, where the patron is challenged to stay on the mechanized part of the device as long as possible before being thrown off. The mechanized device is surrounded by padding or inflatable surface in order to reduce injury to those thrown off it.

agricultural attraction Hayride

Wagon pulled through a course with patrons riding inside.

laser tag Laser tag

Game played with guns which fire infrared beams. Infrared-sensitive targets are commonly worn by each player and are sometimes integrated within the arena in which the game is played.

Industry sector: unknown
Device category Device type Description
unknown Other

Ride was identified, but didn't fit into any category.

unknown Unknown

Insufficient information provided; could not determine ride type.