Hospital Data from CPSC

NEISS Data Set

Saferparks retrieved NEISS hospital data for 2013-2017 from the CPSC website and performed a quick-look analysis for product codes: 1293 (amusement devices), 3295 (water slides, public), and 3259 (go-karts). Records were sorted into categories based on narrative and location fields.

  • Amusement rides (from code 1293)
  • Inflatables (from code 1293)
  • Water park rides (from code 3295)
  • Go-karts (from code 3259)
  • Device not identified or unrelated

Saferparks' Research Goals

  • Unpack NEISS injury estimates for Amusement Devices - Injury estimates for product code 1293 are often cited by the media as annual estimates of U.S. amusement ride accidents. That statistic can be misleading since product code 1293 includes a wide variety of devices in addition to mechanical amusement park and carnival rides: inflatable amusement devices, mechanical bulls, arcade games, coin-op rides, haunted houses, etc. Extracting records likely to be related to amusement rides and inflatables is an imprecise process, but the resulting data set can provide more nuanced insight into the NEISS amusement device injury data.
  • Learn more about medical outcomes of accidents and injuries related to use of amusement devices. - Data provided by state regulatory officials is more reliable at identifying the device involved in the incident, but injury data tends to be sparse and/or unreliable due to medical privacy laws and the perspective of the person making the report (i.e., the owner/operator rather than the injured patron).
  • Understand injuries from the patron's perspective - NEISS narratives tend to include the patient's description of how the injury occurred. In general, state data is based on the owner/operator and/or the state inspector's perspective.

Note that NEISS product categorization is approximate. Injury estimates are likely to be lower than actual since a significant number of records failed to reveal the device type associated with the injury. According to CPSC, additional records for water park rides and inflatable waterslides may be found under product codes 3293 and 3294.


NEISS Data Set