Safety information by accident type

Equipment failure

Any accident where equipment failure contributed significantly to the injury and the event did not fit into any other category. Note: Equipment problems may also cause or contribute to accidents in other categories. If the regulatory report indicates that equipment problems occurred, a flag will be set for the accident, independent of the catetory. For example, an accident my be categorized as an Unscheduled Stop and also have the Equipment Failure flag set.

Statistical Summary of Reported Accidents

This category accounts for 2.0% of all accident reports

Record count:471
Records that include age of victim:152(32%)
Records with identifiable tradename:233(49%)
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Accidents vs. Patron's Age

Source: Public records requested from state and federal regulatory agencies.
Regulated industry sectors, devices covered, and criteria for reporting accidents are different in every jurisdiction.
See the Industry-Regulatory Reports section for more information.