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Amusement ride / Sizzler/scrambler

Riders are seated in small carriages clustered together and connected by beams at the top to a central point. The clustered vehicles are spun in one direction, while the ride as a whole spins in the opposite direction. Riders experience the illusion that they will crash into other suspended, spinning cars.

Statistical Summary of Reported Accidents

This device type accounts for 2.1% of amusement ride accident reports.

Record count:241
Records that include age of victim:198(82%)
Records where accident type could be determined:230(95%)
Records with identifiable tradename:237(98%)
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Includes the following tradenames and generic devices:

Source: Public records requested from state and federal regulatory agencies.
Regulated industry sectors, devices covered, and criteria for reporting accidents are different in every jurisdiction.
See the Industry-Regulatory Reports section for more information.