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Amusement ride / Tilt-a-whirl/waltzer

A platform-type ride, consisting of freely-spinning cars that hold four riders each, which are attached at fixed pivot points on a rotating platform. As the platform revolves, parts of the platform are raised and lowered, and the resulting centrifugal and gravitational forces on the cars cause them to randomly spin in different directions and at variable speeds. The weight of passengers in these cars may intensify or dampen the spinning motion of the cars, adding to the random nature of the motion.

Statistical Summary of Reported Accidents

This device type accounts for 1.3% of amusement ride accident reports.

Record count:152
Records that include age of victim:133(88%)
Records where accident type could be determined:150(99%)
Records with identifiable tradename:152(100%)
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Includes the following tradenames and generic devices:

Source: Public records requested from state and federal regulatory agencies.
Regulated industry sectors, devices covered, and criteria for reporting accidents are different in every jurisdiction.
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