Tableau - NEISS 2013-2017 amusement device injuries


Saferparks quick-look graphical analysis of CPSC NEISS hospital data from 2013-2017 for product codes: 1293 (amusement devices), 3295 (water slides, public), and 3259 (go-karts). Records were sorted into categories based on narrative and location fields.

  • Amusement rides (from code 1293)
  • Inflatables (from code 1293)
  • Water park rides (from code 3295)
  • Go-karts (from code 3259)
  • Device not identified or unrelated

Note that NEISS product categorization is approximate. According to CPSC, additional records for water park rides and inflatable waterslides may be found under product codes 3293 and 3294. Hospital data for trampoline courts may be found under product code 1233, but will be mixed in with home use trampolines. See for more information.

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