Trends: Body pain or illness reported

Reports of illness or onset of body pain account for 17% of the accidents in the 2017 data set. Some incidents of this type have been found to be caused by the ride, some may be unrelated to the ride, and some may occur when a preexisting condition is exacerbated by the ride experience. It's not usually possible to determine one from the other based on the short incident descriptions provided by state safety agencies. For example, headache, nausea, seizure, or loss of consciousness can occur spontaneously in susceptible individuals, but those conditions could also result from a patron striking his head against the harness during a high energy ride.

Reported body pain or illness

The following tables show the types of reported body pain or illness, as identified in the 2017 data set accident reports provided to Saferparks by state regulatory agencies. Click on the accident category to view database information.

Source: Public records requested from state and federal regulatory agencies.
Regulated industry sectors, devices covered, and criteria for reporting accidents are different in every jurisdiction.
See the Industry-Regulatory Reports section for more information.