Updated Accident Reports - Work in Progress

Saferparks - U.S. Amusement Ride and Device Accident Records 2011-2016

In 2017, Saferparks sent public records requests to U.S. state and federal agencies that regulate the safety of amusement rides and devices.

  • 28 states and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provided data. In a few cases, media reports have been included for accidents that were publicized but not provided as part of the public records request. The bulk of the accidents occurred in 2011-2016; however, a few reports were included for years outside that range.
  • Saferparks is still processing the 2017 data set (data entry, format harmonization, and incident/device categorization). Note that California's records have not yet been incorporated.

When the data set is complete, it will be integrated into the Saferparks Database. In the meantime, this page provides access to the 2017 data set as a work-in-progress.